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Wrightwood Community Services District Special Formation Election Archive

March 7, 2017

The purpose of this election is to determine if the registered voters within the community of Wrightwood wish to create a locally-governed community services district.  Registered voters will also vote to elect a five-member Board of Directors in the event that the formation of the Wrightwood Community Services District is approved.

Election Publications

County of San Bernardino Voter Information Guide

  • The Voter Information Guide [pdf] is a booklet published by the San Bernardino County Elections Office that includes information about voting, candidates and measures, a sample ballot, and polling place information.
  • The precinct specific Voter Information Guide contains information for offices up for election and measures on the ballot in each precinct. You can view precinct specific Voter Information Guides by using the Polling Place and Voter Information Guide Look-up tool. [no longer available]

Press Releases and Public Notices

Key Dates and Deadlines

Date Action
November 14, 2016 Candidate filing begins
December 9, 2016 Candidate filing deadline
February 3, 2017 Voter Information Guides delivered to U.S. Post Office
February 6, 2017 Early voting begins
February 8, 2017 Mail Ballots delivered to U.S. Post Office
February 21, 2017 Voter registration deadline
February 28, 2017 Deadline to apply for a Mail Ballot
March 7, 2017 Election Day – Wrightwood Community Services District Special Formation Election
March 8, 2017 Canvass of the Election begins
April 6, 2017 Deadline to complete the official canvass and certify the results

Offices and Candidates Information

Candidate Filing:

Candidate filing begins on November 14, 2016 and ends on December 9, 2017.

Candidate Statements:

List of Candidates:

Measures on the Ballot

  • View the Local Measure on the ballot for the March 7, 2017 Wrightwood Community Services District Special Formation Election.

Voter Registration

Your voter registration application must be postmarked no later than February 21, 2017 in order for you to be eligible to vote in the March 7, 2017 Wrightwood Community Services District Special Formation Election. Visit our Voter Registration page for complete information and instructions.

Voting Options

  • Vote early at the Elections Office beginning February 6, 2017.
  • Vote a Mail Ballot. The Mail Ballot Application is due by February 28, 2017.
  • Vote at the polls on Election Day, March 7, 2017, from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.
    • Find your assigned Polling Place [no longer available]

Visit our Voting Options page for complete information and instructions.

Military and Overseas Voters:

Uniformed and Overseas citizens can obtain a Voter Information Guide and Sample Ballot [no longer available] as well as a Ballot [no longer available] for this election.  For complete information, visit the Secretary of State’s website for Military and Overseas Voters.

Mail Ballot Return Statistics

The Mail Ballot Return Statistics Report shows the number of mail ballots that have been issued and returned for the election, as well as historical statistics for previous elections. The data presented on this report is updated daily and may fluctuate as additional mail ballot applications are received and voted mail ballots are processed.

Election Results