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Presidential Primary Election – June 5, 2012 Archive

What is the Presidential Primary Election?
On Tuesday, June 5, 2012 a primary election will be held in Callifornia to nominate candidates to advance to the Presidential General Election, to elect members of party central committees, and to vote on statewide propositions.

Recent Changes

In 2012, primary elections have changed in California, see below to learn more.
Top Two Open Primary Act [pdf]

Redistricting occurs every 10 years. It is the process of redrawing the political boundaries for elective offices after the U.S. Census. For the years 2011 to 2021, the redistricting of California’s Congressional, State Senate, State Assembly and Board of Equalization districts was completed by the voter-approved California Citizens Redistricting Commission. In 2011, the County Board of Supervisors as well as some cities and other local jurisdictions also re-drew their districts.

When political boundaries change, precinct lines must also change. In 2012 the Elections Office created new precinct lines for San Bernardino County. In doing so, the goal was to increase the number of registered voters assigned for each precinct to near the maximum number allowed by law, which is 1,000 registered voters.

Polling Places
When precinct lines change, voters must be re-assigned to polling places. Consequently, the Elections Office completed a major project where it searched for and attempted to secure many new polling places that are well maintained, in safe locations, and that have large ADA compliant voting areas and parking lots.

After securing as many existing and new locations as were available for use, the Office assigned voters to their new polling place. When making these assignments, many factors were considered including; voter proximity to the polling place, physical land barriers that might impede voter transportation, availability of public transportation, and capacity of the facility and the facility parking lot.

Due to the changes above, voters should be aware that:

  •  You may live in a different political jurisdiction than in the past, and your ballot may contain unfamiliar candidate names. Please review your sample ballot before voting.
  • You may have been assigned to a new polling place. Please see your polling place assignment on the back of your Voter Information Guide.

Election Calendar: Official Election Calendar [pdf]
Key Dates: Elections have many dates and deadlines. Below are a list of important dates and deadlines for the June 5, 2012 Presidential Primary.

  • Sample Ballots Mailed – Week of May 7
  • Ballots Mailed – Week of May 7
  • Early Voting Begins – May 7
  • Voter Registration Deadline – May 21
  • Last Day to Request a Mail Ballot – May 29
  • Election Day – June 5

Whats on the Ballot?
Offices up for Election [pdf]
Candidate List [pdf]
Candidate Filing Guide [pdf]

Combined Sample Ballot and Voter Information Guide [pdf]

The Sample Ballot that voters receive in the mail is customized for their voting precinct and political party preference.  The Combined Sample Ballot on the following pages includes candidates for all of the offices up for election throughout San Bernardino County.  It includes the following:

  • All Party-Nominated Presidential Office contests;
  • All Voter-Nominated Office contests;
  • All Party County Central Committee contests;
  • All Nonpartisan Office contests; and
  • All Ballot Measures

Election Additional Links
Poll Worker List [pdf]

Election Results
Election Results
Statement of Votes Cast
15-Day Close of Registration Summary [pdf]