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Qualified Write-In Candidates – March 17, 2015 State Senate District 21 Special Primary Election

Election Results report the percentage of votes cast for candidates that appear on the ballot. In this election, only one candidate will appear on the ballot, and six candidates have qualified to have their name written on the ballot by voters who choose to do so. Results for qualified write-in candidates are not reported to the Secretary of State on Election Night. However, results for qualified write-in candidates will be reported by each county on Election Night and periodically throughout the canvas period. Final Official Certified Results for candidates that appear on the ballot, and for qualified write-in candidates are due to the Secretary of State by March 27, 2015.

State Senate District 21 is shared by San Bernardino and Los Angeles counties. Results posting for both counties will being after 8 p.m. on Election Night. View the Election Results for both Counties below:

For combined Election Results, visit the Secretary of State Election Results for State Senate District 21.